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Friday, September 9, 2011

Working hard building a Japanese city!

I finally found a tutorial for adding .package files that gets results and with that I was able to dl tons of custom content I had been eyeing from Mod the Sims and from links on My Sims 3 Blog. I saw tons of really cool Japanese items an that inspired me to build a whole neighborhood from scratch!

Finding a blank world though with a Japanese city feel proved to be my toughest challenge yet, well maybe second to the time I dl'd CAW and tried to make a world (which I don't have the patience to develop the skill). I saw tons of already made Sim versions of Japanese cities but the thing with most Simmers is they buy all EP's and SP's when they come out so most of the worlds I coudn't download (I only have WA, LN, and HELS). I also don't plan on buying Generations, I love the items it comes with but I see no real need for what the game offers since I never play my families really in depth anyway.

I have posted on the forums a request (I should check that at least to bump it) and hopefully someone will take on the challenge. I willing to gift considerably but I didn't mention it in my forum post because I don't want (1) someone who's not skilled at world making doing it just for gifts and (2) someone skilled doing it just for gifts (I do peoples request because I simply love building, generosity people!) and (3) someone throwing up a world that doesn't meet requirements simply to get gifts.

I found a blank world called Unmei no Shima which is nice and what I'm using to build my lots on but I'm still loking for the world that's just right. I'll be posting pictures of the progress since I'm tackling alot of big building projects (I built my first apartment YAY!).

Here's the first set of pictures. It's of the downtown area with all the shops and bars and all those narrow alleys you find in Japan.  I'm alternating between the lots to keep from annoying my self working on the same lot for hours.

This is all located on one 50x40 (I think that's the lot size) lot. I split it in two and built a chain of shops on one half, a narrow alley way in between, and in the front (the last picture) there's two love hotels (google it, I also will not upload this to the exchange since kids are one the sims 3 site, even though design of my hotels are pretty innocent) and a clothing store.

You can't see it in the pics since I hadn't built it yet but I built more shops and clubs in the same manner next to this lot. I only have pictures of the club for that lot since that's all I've built.

Expect more update post for my currentl unamed world.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Sounder Application for Feature

The Sounder is a Sims 3 magazine specializing in all things related to subcultures. If you feel your game and style of creations fits the magazines expectations please take the time to fill out this application so you can be featured in the Sounder.

Examples of what I mean by subculture:
- Punk
-Cyber Punk
-Steam Punk
-Heavily pierced or tattooed Sims
-Anything not considered normal by your societies social norms

Examples of What I Am Looking For:
-Creations for Ads (objects, clothing, hair, accessories, lots, Sims, blogs, websites)
-Blog and Websites that specialize in various subcultures for Sims 3
-We also feature stories and Legacies
-"The Gig Chronicles" Sim bands, their profiles and stories.
- "What's On Your Custom Station?" Feel free to list you mp3s
- "Eye Candy" Each Issue 1 male and 1 female Sims is selected to model (Think Maxim, Suicide Girls, etc.)
-Each issue we feature 3 community lots
-Each issue there is a featured home rennovation (please note traditional home renno and color palettes ARE NOT exceptable)
-"Favorite Custom Content" feature story
-"Hot Shots" random photos taken in game
-Featured Residential Lot
- "That's F'd Up!" feature story (in game bloopers or funny stories must have pictures)
-We do except ideas for a cover stories that are not are regular feature stories.

Sims 3 Profile Link:
Skill Level:
How You Would Like To Be Featured (please choose from the Examples of what I am looking for. Give details and photo examples please):

The Sounder will be released the 30th of each month. In order to be featured your application must be completed within the first week of the month you wish to be featured. The second week will be me contacting you for any additional information needed to bring the story, ad etc. to fruition.

The Sounder's founder and Editor-in-Chief

Update: 8/24/2011

I will no longer list new lots in my home section nor sims. At the top of my blog under the header are page tabs. Currently there are three Lots For Sale, Sims, and The Sounder.

Lots For Sale is pretty self explanatory. This is were I will link to all my new lots. It will operate as a sort of internet real estate office.

Sims- will be where I post newly uploaded Sims.

The Sounder is my new Sims 3 e-magazine. It should be ready by August 3oth and it will be pubished via

I'm considering doing an Interiors page to do a mini newsletter of interior ideas, tips, etc. but maybe I'll leave that for my main page but I want to keep the main page for press releases.

Well that is all.


CEO of GoGoSunshine Designs

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rustic Chalet Showing + Download

This is fun couples starter beach house with a big porch for enjoying views. There's 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom, eat in kitchen and open floor plan. The interior has fun retro feel to it.

The Gingerbread House Showing + Download

This starter house has one bedroom and 1 bathroom. There's space for laundry in the bathroom and an open floor plan complete with kitchen living and dining. There's a foyer that leads to the living space. There is also parking and a patio.

Asking Price: 16, 471


*NOTE This lot is furnished but is staged in the lot photos with some custom content items. These items are not however included in the download.

The Greenview House Showing + Download

The Greenview is a fun house I built for a particular Sim couple in mind (and ended up building another house for them instead haha). Both the interior and exterior is not your normal tradtional family home with neutral colors inside. There alot of purple and black with a bit of a goth rocker feel.

There's 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, 2nd story deck above the carport. It is unfurnished for Sims moving in with furniture or Sims who just like to decorate themselves. It's just under 53,000.


Cantina Bar & Grille- CC FREE version Download

This is a Mexican bar and grille I built about a week ago. I'm pretty happy with it. The pictures are of the CC version but the link is for the CC Free version. I haven't uploaded the CC version yet on the exchange but will update this post when I do.

The bars look the same minus the custom bar wall art. The day of the dead art is still present, I just used a CAStable piece of wall art I got from the Sims 3 store and made day of the dead patterns to CAS it with.

 The two shot below have the non CC version

 This is he CC day of the dead art.